Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday "Blahs"

Hey ladies.

Today it has finally hit me - I will have to clean out my makeup collection this week. I am still hoarding some cheapo Cover Girl eyeshadows that I've had since high school, that's how bad it is. I think it's high time that they be pitched, along with my separating nail polishes and discolored lipsticks (egad!). It's so sad to throw away cosmetics, though - the collection should get bigger, not smaller! It's obvious that I am running out of room, and some of the stuff I have is downright ancient, so it's a necessary evil.

I am also feeling kind of icky because I didn't wear any makeup today. It was that kind of morning - a cold February Tuesday where I just didn't feel like making the effort after taking the dog out, being late, etc. Some days you just have to go au naturale! I like to think that I am letting my skin breathe.

Some exciting news though: I just renewed my mark. cosmetics rep account so I'll be getting a "rep starter kit" in the mail with some of their best selling products. (Their "After Glo" blush is almost an exact dupe for Nars Orgasm for like, 1/5 the price.) Photos and info to come!

And to hopefully reverse the effects of Tuesday "Blahs" -

Hope everyone's having a good week,


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