Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Itso for Makeup Storage

After wrestling with my warped plastic Sterilite containers for six months, I finally decided to go on a quest for new makeup storage. I searched high and low for small dressers, chests, vanities, and drawered units that would neatly and prettily house my collection. My search seemed to be in vain - either the pieces I found were too expensive or not quite what I was looking for. And then came Target!

I strolled through the home storage aisle and saw the Itso products stacked up on a shelf. I decided that it might be possible to build my own piece of furniture with the modular cubes and bins. What I came up with is below:

I think the piece of furniture itself looks pretty nice, especially since I was just looking to upgrade from plastic. I think the piece overall is pretty sturdy and is definitely strong enough to hold all my items. Instead of getting four individual cubes I got two 2x1 units with shelves and added my own bins. From left to right, starting in the top left corner, the bins hold the following: lip products, eye products, face products (foundation, etc.), skin care products (moisturizer, eye cream, etc.), hair products, and body care products. Everything fits!

I also got some of the organizer trays to go in the bins so everything wouldn't be dumped in together, bumping around. Here are my lip and eye bins, organized with the divided trays:

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase. It's functional storage that looks great (I think) and neatly organizes and houses all my makeup. A girl couldn't ask for more!

Is your makeup organized? What are you using? Let me know!



  1. WOW! i love your "vanity"! I love those little basket/bins. I see them all the time with different fabrics etc and always want to buy them but have no use for them! HAHA!

    I still may buy a ton of them just to have on hand! lol

  2. I totally love them for makeup storage. This area is in a little "niche" where a window is in our top story. On the other side I'm planning on putting a little vanity table that I got for super cheap at World Market - the Sourav "foyer table." Yay for organization on the cheap!

  3. hey! where did you get that candle holder?!! i absolutly love it!

  4. Hi Nikki!

    I got that candle at Target - it's actually a candle poured into the glass holder. It's really pretty, it has this white damask pattern printed on it. It's one of the candles in the candle/candle holder section at Target, and it's the exotic scented ones that come in the colorful boxes - I think the flavor is ruby mandarin. It smells really nice, and was only about $12!

    To buy online, go to and type in "ruby mandarin soy filled jar" in the search bar and it should come up. :)