Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review: MAC Cremesheen Lipglass

I know it's a little late, but I did get two of the Cremesheen Lipglasses a week or two ago and figured I'd do a little review on them. I didn't think that I would like these lipglasses because I usually tend to gravitate towards sparkly glosses, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Top: Melt in Your Mouth, Bottom: Partial to Pink

I (naturally) chose two of the pinker colors on the collection. Melt in Your Mouth has no shimmer to it at all, it's just a creamy, semi-sheer peachy pink. Partial to Pink does have just a touch of shimmer when the light hits it (just tiny flecks of glitter here and there), but it's barely noticeable.


- Great texture. These glosses are thinner than MAC's permanent lipglasses, which is good, because I think the lipglasses can be a bit goopy. I think the texture of the Cremesheens is actually my favorite thing about them.

- Pretty colors. Both of the shades I chose are (for me, Miss McPaleface) "your lips but better" colors. Since they have little to no shimmer, they're wearable for every day as well.

- Size. The vial for these glosses is the size the Dazzleglasses came in; they are bigger than the permanent lipglass vials.


- Price. At $18, I think the price point for these is a bit steep. It is just a lip gloss, after all.

And here are some swatches (you gotta love swatches!):

L to R: Partial to Pink, Melt in Your Mouth (with flash)

L to R: Partial to Pink, Melt in Your Mouth (without flash)

FINAL VERDICT: I liked these. They're wearable and comfortable on the lips, and you do get a lot of product. However, at $18 a tube, I likely won't buy backups. I would say that I'm not sorry I bought them, but they don't necessarily excite me either. They're just okay-to-good, not fabulous.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend,



  1. I really wanted to pick some of these up, but the price is steep and they are super sheer!
    thanks for the swatches though, i was curious about partial to pink.

  2. I think they're worth getting if you need a no-frills, every day gloss. I just don't think I'd buy another tube. I'm more of a high-shine, fun sparkle kind of girl. :)